Wellboats propelled by electric engines: our true concern for the environment and sustainability

Wellboats propelled by electric engines: our true concern for the environment and sustainability

Technology advances with us right beside it

Oxygen Production Plant and CO2 Removal System

We have our own oxygen production plant, an efficient CO2 removal system and the capacity to replenish water if operations require, which ensures the quality of the physical and chemical parameters of the water and animal welfare.

Automated Cleaning and Disinfection

A powerful system for the cleaning and disinfection of holds and circuits is put into operation inside the holds after each trip to ensure a harmless, biosafe environment for fish in each transport.

UV Disinfection of
Affluents and Effluents

We have an efficient filter, water treatment and disinfection system using reactors for the inflow, internal recirculation and discharge into the ocean. This is combined with other subsystems by which we can sail with our holds closed to protect the health of the fish and avoid the transmission of pathogens and microalgae, all in compliance with the highest regulatory and environmental standards in the world.

Electric Propulsion

Thanks to electric engines, our operation is less contaminating and friendlier to the fish, the environment and the crew on board.

Refrigerated Seawater (RSW) System

We understand the value that seawater has to the physiological processes of the fish we transport, so we use a refrigerated seawater (RSW) system to reduce temperature at a rate of ~ 2ºC per hour. This reduces the metabolic rate of fish and their stress, which improves their welfare during transport and quality in the harvesting and processing.

Real-Time Predictive and Corrective Monitoring

Each Wellboat has an automated sensor system placed at different points in the holds so that we can control online each of the environmental parameters key to the process, such as O2, CO2, pH and salinity, and be able to make adjustments automatically.

Efficient Loading and Unloading

Our vacuum loading and unloading system enables us to move high volumes in a short space of time, which, added to the oversized pipes and our movable bulkhead system, means a fish-friendlier transport and unloading.